MakerSquare is Over!

Friday was my last day at MakerSquare. I’ve never learned so much or worked so hard as I did at MakerSquare. The staff are amazing, the students are dedicated, and the curriculum is top notch. I’d recommend it to anyone. Now my job search begins? Any takers?

In the meantime I’m continuing to learn, spending a few hours a day applying/searching, and the rest programming. My current task is to learn node.js. After that I might dive into angular. There are so many technologies out there it’s hard to decide which I should get into next! I’m also looking into ways to expand my projects. I recently filled out an application that required learning a bit about PHP to try. They had an application that was broken which once fixed would allow you to send your application through it. Having never touched PHP/laravel I thought I might be screwed but I managed to get it working. During this I realized – Hey! – the PHP framework laravel uses something similar to ActiveRecord called Eloquent. Maybe I can adapt my visualizer to work for both rails and laravel? I’m going to look into that today.

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