Down to Business

It’s that time. The final four weeks have come and we’re about to begin our final projects. Each person must have an individual project and a second  (or third) project which can be built in teams.

For my individual project I decided to make a tournament web app with social features. The idea is that you can setup a group, for instance “My College Buddies”. In that group you can have a bunch of tournaments and track the stats of the users on a per group basis. I imagine this could come in handy with various gamer circles throughout the world. I knew people in college who would play Super Smash Brothers every day with the same crew of people and I bet they would love the ability to track their stats… and bring some legitimacy to their trash talk. At the very least, its something I’d want to use to catalog my ongoing series of Mario Party 2 games and especially with the upcoming new Smash Bros that comes out next month.

I’d like to incorporate the steam API to pull in steam groups, allow you to login with your steam account, and automatically be enrolled in all those groups on my app. Then steam groups can have their own tournaments and stat tracking! How neat that might be. That will probably be tougher than getting the core functionality down, so who knows if I can make this happen (or if it’s possible. I have not looked into the API yet, just came up with this idea).

Another tack on feature might be a twitter bot that tweets victories out into the the twitterverse proclaiming victors to the world… and maybe shaming losers depending on your how your group feels about that

As for the second project, I still have no idea what I’m doing. Darrell and I are the resident science nerds of cohort 9 so we decided to look into various genomics APIs. We’re trying to come up with something interesting and within our skill set. That limits it down to maybe pulling some cool data and visualizing it… but who knows. I just love science so reading about these APIs is cool even if we can’t find a use for them!

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