Ruby on Rails and Design Principles

Rails week is upon us.

After being told endlessly about the wonder of rails for the past several weeks I was eager to get going with it. I’d wondered why it took so long for us to get into such an important topic, but I can see now that everything we’ve learned has been preparing us for this point. The concepts we learned with sinatra, active record, and building out our own MVC in javascript have prepared us perfectly for rails which is a conglomeration of these topics. I don’t expect to ever build out my own MVC for anything ever again – there’s frameworks for that, but the lengthy (and difficult) experience drove the topics home and made me appreciate the tools available.

Recently I’ve been reading and watching videos about software design principles. So far I’ve really enjoyed reading Practice Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer. It’s amazing how much more readable (and more importantly extensible and maintainable) I feel my code has become. Keeping a few solid design principles at the forefront of your mind can make a big difference. Do you see what I did there? I haven’t had to make sense of horribly written code just yet in my career but I hope to avoid inflicting that fate on others.

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