Hackathon, Ping Pong, and brain overload

Four weeks later I come back to you! It’s easy to get caught up in the experience and forget to write blog posts. Four weeks have passed and I’ve learned so much. The biggest topic of the past two weeks or so has been javascript. I’ve gone from total noob to somewhat competent in some realms of javascript land.

Today we began our first hackathon. We formed groups of 2- 4 and each set out to bring our idea to life… in 36 hours. Next Friday is the cohort nine ping pong tournament so we decided we’d create a web app for that. I’d say we are ~75% complete at this point and we need to present by 5pm tomorrow. We’re in a good place I think.

We created a database using ActiveRecord and postgresql which allows us to store play names, match outcomes, tournament outcomes, and calculate various statistics based off of these. We currently have an eight player bracket available, which allows you to click on the winner of each match and then progress the tounament to the next round. These clicks will cause an ajax post request to our sinatra server which will then update to track victories as they occur.

We still have a few kinks to work out, as well as various ideas we could flesh out further. We’d like to add the ability to add pictures to users and have them go “head to head” in a matchup, during the match. Maybe we could display that on a projector in the background of the match. I think that could be pretty entertaining. Hopefully we will have the time to get some cool things in.

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