Day 1,2

Day 1:

Upon arrival we were each assigned to one of three tables. Apparently they put a lot of thought into composing them. I’m curious what went into that. At my table I was surprised to see a familiar face – the guy that interviewed me for MakerSquare! Apparently he was on the entrepreneurship side of starting MakerSquare and now he wants to go through the program he helped create. We did some introductory activities and then jumped straight into some exercises on ruby data structures. Towards the end of the day we were given a fairly challenging text parsing problem. Time ran out and we were asked to finish it for tomorrow.

It was at this point I was convinced that this a good decision. The difficulty of the problem was on a similar level to some of the computer science homework I had done to get a CS minor. They are not messing around. Neither are the students. Everyone is smart and driven – it’s an amazing environment to be immersed in.

Day 2 :

We dove into a lesson on git and github – the version control system of choice. I had used git/github during the prework, but never really grasped what exactly I was doing. One well designed lesson and a few hours later I felt I had achieved a significant leap in understanding.

In the afternoon we switched gears to unit testing. I was pumped. Programming job posts always want you to know unit testing. I’d never touched the idea in any previous coursework and felt it was a big hole in my understanding. There was a lecture about unit testing and then we jumped into exercises. We had to write the tests first – this is a technique called behavioral driven design. You write the tests first to get an idea of what you want to happen – then build out your actual code! I found it to be pretty useful.


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